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The Funny Car Garage builds the finest nostalgia funny car chassis available. We started with a clean build sheet when we set out to produce our frames. We built the chassis a bit wider than most with a 21 inch shoulder hoop size so even big guys can fit in our cars. The upper rail is made from one piece of tubing from the front of the motor, all the way around the driver and back up to the front of the motor. We also designed a John force inspired 3rd rail design to protect the driver from a side impact and make the chassis stronger. We use 1 1/2" .095 chromemoly throughout with 1 5/8" cage to give you the added protection needed at high speeds. Our chassis also has double K members under the driver, bolt on double shear steering box mounts, and all CNC lasered tabs and brackets. All these design elements  make the chassis safer and stronger than the competition.

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Bruce Larson USA-1 Tribute Funny Car Chassis

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Straight Axle Front Suspension

All of our chassis are built with a state of the art straight axle front end that has diagonal radius rods making it stronger than current A-Arm front ends found on most funny cars. The real added benefit is the ability to adjust the proper caster into the car after it is built and set up ready to run. We have full caster adjustment not found on A-arm suspensions leaving the racer adjust the car for proper handling.

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Moser M9 Rear End

All of our nostagia funny car chassis are built with the Moser Engineering M9 fabricated rear. For slower sportsman chassis we offer a steel rear with 35 spline axles and Wilwood disc brakes. For the serious competitor, we use the chrome moly M9 Floater Rear end with 40 spline axles. Both set ups use the Moser Engineering Thru-Bolt Aluminum Center Section to make a near bullet proof set up for many years of racing. The USA-1 Blown Nitro powered Camaro uses the same floater set up.


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